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Joey Gibson explains why he decided to run for U.S. Senate

Agenda- fix a broken foundation

The philosophy of Joey Gibson

 The American people have to get to the root causes of the broken governmental system. There are several problems that cannot be fixed by passing more laws without a complete overhaul of the broken system.  Currently most laws and regulations are intended to hurt the middle class.

Term Limits

 The establishment have become a cancer to the system. These corrupt politicians have become rich by protecting big business and big pharma.  They are a direct threat to the middle class.  Term limits would send them home and their special interest friends home.

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Balanced Budget

 A large amount of tax dollars that go into the government are unaccounted for. Corrupt politicians and special interests are more than likely responsible for that. Not only should we push for a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget, but we need a full audit to see where the money is going and where it has gone. 

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The Fair Tax

 A 74,000 page tax code is too long. It is time to simplify the tax code and strengthen America’s middle class.  Those on the top have no problem hiring accountants and lawyers, while the rest of us are left in the dark.  The Fair Tax would destroy all the loopholes helping to bring more manufacturing back to the country. MADE IN THE USA would become the rule rather than the exception. 

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Health Care Revolution

 To truly address healthcare, you can’t just address coverage. There are 4 main issues that affect the health of the public. Big Pharma, Unhealthy Environment, Costs and Coverage. Financial kickbacks to Doctors , Hospitals and the FDA should be illegal. Companies that cause harm to our environment and our children by the chemicals they put into our food, land and water should be held accountable.

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Maria Cantwell

 Joey Gibson will fight for the citizens of Washington State. Maria Cantwell fights for Big Pharma and the DNC.  As a super delegate she voted for Hillary Clinton even though 70% of the voters voted for Bernie Sanders. In that, she showed exactly where her loyalties lie. It is NOT with the citizens of Washington. 

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