The Fair tax



  • Switch to a 23% flat sales tax, , Watch this.
  • Will be the largest transfer of power from the corporations who own the government  to the people and the middle class.
  • Current Tax code is 74,000 pages long which benefits the rich. 
  • The Fair Tax Destroys special interest loopholes (the rich have to pay their fair share)
  • It will lower corruption - there will be no  need for corporations to buy out politicians, because they can’t help them find or build loopholes. Watch this.
  • Both the left and right agree that the corruption in the tax system is out of control.
  • Hear Bernie Sanders rail against tax loopholes. Feel the Bern! 
  • Encourages investment and job creation- will bring trillions of dollars back to the country.
  • Will encourage manufactory to come back to the country.  Made in USA will become common again. 
  • Simplifies taxes and reduces the size of government.
  • The black market will be taxed. Click here to see the scope of the black market in the United States of America. Watch this. 
  • Average Americans have to make up for the taxes not paid by criminals.
  • Keeps the government out of your business on how much money you make. 
  • Prebate lifts the burden of the Fair tax off of the lower class. Watch this.
  • April 15th will never be a nightmare ever again. 
  • Our current tax system is estimated to increase the cost of Goods by approximately 20-25%.  With the removal of the current taxes and the addition of the 23% sales tax the price of goods will remain around the same.  
  • Only new goods would be taxed, this is to avoid products being taxed numerous times.
  • Exports will not be taxed. Imports are taxed.

John E. Linder Former U.S. Representative