Stream-line legal Immigration


Right now, it is no secret that our immigration laws are broken. Our current elected officials put a bandaid on a serious wound and they have  continued to kick the can down the road instead of fixing it.

Big corporations and Washington DC establishment do not want to fix it because they literally want to keep an “underclass”. A class of people who will work off the books and for less than minimum wage and will not complain or sue if work conditions harm them. We need to stop this NOW!

Illegal immigrants are harmed not only by this practice, but by those criminal elements that have snuck in with them. The illegal immigrant community are often victimized by the criminal element within as they are hesitant to call law enforcement when crimes occur.  We need to differentiate between them and protect those who need our protection, and deport those who are criminals.

Right now, it is easier to come into the country illegally than it is legally.  We need to stream line the Legal process and provide a path to legal status for those here who are law-abiding, hardworking people.  At the same time, we need to help those who are trying hard to do it the right way to not be penalized for following the (albeit arcane) rules.